THE INVENTOR: The Story of Tesla
Created and Written by Ravé Mehta
Art by Erik Williams

Prepare to step into a world where science and magic are cut from the same cloth, where men turn night into day and where lightning strikes not from natures force, but from the fury of great minds.

THE INVENTOR: THE STORY OF TESLA follows Tesla on his journey from his childhood in Serbia to his revolutionary creations in America. Along the way he is introduced to some of history’s greatest minds including: Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, J.P. Morgan, Guglielmo Marconi, Mark Twain, Lord Kelvin, and Swami Vivekananda. However, great minds rarely collide with little friction and a mentor can easily become an adversary; such was the feud between Tesla and Edison, and the war of the currents that ensued from the clash of these electrical titans.

The Inventor is the story of how one man, Nikola Tesla, stood against the goliaths of industry and changed the world with nothing but his mind, passion, and vision for a better humanity.

And yet, it’s more than that…

About the Creators:

Ravé Mehta is an engineer by trade, entrepreneur by profession and artist by passion, but most of all, he’s a story-teller. In 2007, Ravé was appointed to the Space Florida board of directors (i.e. Florida Space Agency) at which time Space Florida forged a new partnership with Stephen Hawkings to create the Hawkings Microgravity Research Center. Ravé started researching programs around micro-gravity, levitation, etc. to initiate into the center and after running into Tesla’s research over and over again, Ravé started researching Tesla himself and was fascinated by his story. Instantly a fan of Tesla’s work and mindset, Ravé was compelled to write Tesla’s story, but focus on Tesla’s human journey through a visual medium…a graphic novel!

Ravé cast his net out for a comic artist and after interviewing many, he came across Erik Williams. After one conversation on the phone, he instantly knew he had the perfect artist to help him illustrate his story. Erik was also passionate about Tesla and had been wanting to do something on Tesla’s story for a long time…fate! After carefully creating the style guide as to what the characters and environments would look like, they were off to the races. 2 years later, Ravé and Erik are proud to present Tesla’s story as THE INVENTOR.